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The State Baga Hural with its 50 members were elected from 430 deputies of the People's Great Hural of the Mongolian People’s Republic exercised its power in 1990-1992.

The State Baga Hural of the Mongolian People’s Republic played a historical significance in creation of legislative ground for reformations of Mongolia’s political, economic and social structures. Emphatically, this body has drafted the new Constitution of Mongolia for ratification.

Foundations for legislative basis to implement democratic principles at all areas of Mongolian society had been established by the ratification of this new Constitution on January 13, 1992, which was drafted and submitted by the State Baga Hural to the sessions of the People’s Great Hural for deliberation.

In the political arena, the structure transferred into democratic system that endorses multi-party structures. The state now has duty to recognize and guarantee people’s freedom of expression and equality. In essence, the pluralism, one of the core values of democracy, has become the basis for social mentality. By adopting laws of the President, Government, State Great Hural, Constitutional Court and the Law on amendment of the Judiciary Institutions of the Mongolian People’s Republic, the legislative basis for the new structure of government institutions has been created.

In the economic arena, multi-form economic system has been legally endorsed and the domination of public property based socialist economy has been eliminated. Economic relations based on fair competition have formed and state interference have been curbed. All forms of private and public properties find acceptance along with privatization process of state properties, establishment of legal environment for entrepreneurship, and modifications and amendments on banking, customs and taxation laws took place.

Structurally, the State Baga Hural consisted of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary and 50 members. The executives of the State Baga Hural, the Chairman R.Gonchigdorj, the Deputy Chairman K.Zardykhan and the Secretary B.Chimid would not hold seats at their party and therefore they were directly elected from the People’s Great Hural. The 50 members of the State Baga Hural were elected from the People’s Great Hural, by their party candidacy for the obtained mandates ate the election, in accordance with the proportional allocation (1 seat for 5% of votes) of the State Baga Hural seats to parties that won 5 or more percent of the electorates’ votes. As a result, Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP) won 33 seats, Mongolian Democratic Party (MDP) – 13, Mongolian Social Democratic Party (MSDP) – 4, Mongolian National Progress Party (MNPP) – 3 seats respectively.

The State Baga Hural was functioning with its 5 Standing Committees:

1.    Standing Committee on State Structures (Chaired by S.Bayar)

2.    Standing Committee on Legal Affairs (Chaired by L.Tsog)

3.    Standing Committee on Economic Policy (Chaired by M.Enkhsaikhan)

4.    Standing Committee on Social Policy (Chaired by T.Ochirkhuu)

5.    Standing Committee on Women, Children and Youth Policy (Chaired by R.Khatanbaatar)

As an inauguration of the permanent functioning parliament, the State Baga Hural has completed its mandate by transferring its power to the State Great Hural that was formed in accordance with the new Constitution of Mongolia and inaugurated on July 29 of 1992. 

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