Mongolian Parliament commemorates its 28th anniversary of permanent functioning

  2018-09-13 11:48  1434

The first plenary session meeting of the State Baga Hural /Parliament/ took place on September 13th of 1990 that commemorates as the beginning of permanent functioning of Mongolian parliament.

Decree No.1 to call the first plenary session on September 13, 1990

Historically, it has been recorded as the very first assembly meeting /Great Huraldai/ of law enforcement took place at the beginning of Onon River in 1206, when the Great Mongol Empire was proclaimed after enthronement of Great Chinggis Khaan as the Khaan of All Mongols.

Great Huraldai in 1206

Chronically, the first Upper and Lower Houses of Mongolian parliament was established by the Decree of Bogd khaan in 1914 and since then parliamentary system was enacted as the Great Hural and the State Great Hural when Mongolia ratified its first Constitution in 1924 renewing in 1940, 1960 and 1992 respectively.

The State Baga Hural commences its permanent functioning, September 13, 1990

Following the 1990 Democratic Revolution, Mongolia's first free, democratic and multi-party elections were held on July 29, 1990 and it’s the first plenary session meeting of the State Baga Hural /Parliament/ took place on September 13th of 1990. It has been called as the permanent functioning by forming its Standing Committees and the Secretariat of Parliament.

Incumbent Chairman of the State Great Hural, ENKHBOLD Miyegombo 

Commemorating this day, the Chairman of the State Great Hural /Parliament/ Mr. ENKHBOLD Miyegombo conferred his greetings to all law enforcements and its people noting that Mongolian parliament in its history is committed to implementing the Constitution's mission to build humanitarian and civil democratic societies in the country, to establish a legal state, to define the country's economic and social development programs and objectives, to improve the lives of the people and to accelerate the development of the country.

Press and Public Relations Department of Secretariat

of the State Great Hural of Mongolia

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