Speaker of the Parliament bestows outstanding persons co-ratified the Constitution of Mongolia

  2018-01-13 15:57  949

By the decree of the President of Mongolia, Chairman of the State Great Hural of Mongolia M.Enkhbold bestowed outstanding figures upon commemorating the 26 anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Mongolia that marks today on January 13, 2018.


The ceremony was held in the State ceremonial hall, State palace, where Mr. Ayush BAAST is awarded with title of Merit economist, Mr. Dorjkhuu LONJIDSUREN, Mr. Radnaajav CHOIJINNYAM and Mr. Lamjav BATCHULUUN with the Red Banner Order of Labor respectively.


In his speech, Chairman M.Enkhbold emphasized that those who have been honored by the state authorities had been notably contributed in the development and ratification of current constitution. 26 years ago, the People’s Great Hural asking its people’s proposals ratified the Constitution discussing for 76 days. Many laws are enacted in the framework of the constitution's concept, content and targets, and regulate the current social life.


After, Chairman of the State Great Hural, members of Parliament and Cabinet as well as former members of the People’s Great Hural and State Baga Hural /Lower House/ have paid tribute to the statues of D.Sukhbaatar and Great Chinggis khaan.

Press and Public Relations Department of the State Great Hural of Mongolia

  2018-01-13 15:57  949