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Chairman receives South Korean delegation

The Chairman of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia Mr.Z.Enkhbold received a delegation led by the Chairperson of the Association of World Election Bodies and the National Electoral Commission of Republic of Korea Mr.Lee In-Bok on Monday, 22 September 2014.

Mr.Z.Enkhbold said he is delighted to meet with the delegation, invited by the Mongolian General Election Commission (GEC), and thanked them for signing of the MOU with the GEC, also for the previous cooperation in training the staffs of the GEC to share experiences and providing the GEC with 7,000 ballot boxes of three types in 2004 and with 62 laptops in 2012. "All this contributed to conduct fair elections and to strengthening of the democracy in Mongolia," he added. Mongolia has been successfully implementing a reform in electoral system, in 2011, parliament adopted law on automated voting system, by which were held parliamentary elections in 2012 and presidential elections in 2013, he said.

In turn, Mr.Lee thanked the Chairman for the audience and said that he had learned about the riots of 2008 against election results. “We are using high technology in elections, but in some places the semi-automated voting system still makes election distrust" he added.

The Chairman noted, "Voters had doubts after the parliamentary elections of 2008, and this resulted the riots in which five people were killed and the people trust on election results was lost. We've established a working group responsible for preparing the law on automated voting system and now the trust was restored."

Mr. Lee said the Mongolian reform in the electoral system is the good example not only for South Korea, but also for many countries who are developing the democracy. 


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