• Produce propositions and reviews on bills and other State Great Hural draft resolutions, state policies on internal and external affairs being discussed at plenary session, and submit to the relevant Standing Committee sittings or plenary session for hearing. 
  • Submit proposal on plenary session agenda orders and hearings to both the State Great Hural and the Chairman. 
  • Propose changes to the State Great Hural plenary session agenda. 
  • Adjourn during the State Great Hural’s plenary session and Standing Committee sittings. 
  • Reach consensus with the Chairman of the State Great Hural on composition of the Standing, Temporary and Sub-committees. 
  • Propose to the State Great Hural and Standing Committees regarding improvement on the State Great Hural functions. 
  • Utilize the caucus budget and truthfully report its expenditure. 
  • Ensure caucus members fully attend and participate the plenary sessions of the State Great Hural and Standing Committee sittings in accordance with the rules of procedures.
  • Set up and administer working group on issues in hearing. 
  • Employ and relieve caucus administration staff. 

Rights and privileges of independent or a
member representing party or coalition having less than 8 seats
in the State Great Hural

- Submit propositions to either the State Great Hural or the affiliating Standing Committee regarding arrangements and functions of the State Great Hural. 
- Reach consensus with the Chairman regarding the his or her membership to a Standing committee 
- Strictly observe rules of the State Great Hural session’s procedures.

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