Chairman of the State Great Hural shall be nominated from among the members of the State Great Hural and elected by open ballot.

The office term for the Chairman shall be four years. He can be relieved of or removed from his post, on grounds defined by law, before his term expiration.

The Chairman shall exercise the following tasks and duties:

  • To ensure the compliance of the Constitution and other laws in every activities of the State Great Hural
  • To declare regular, extraordinary and honorary sessions and ensures the preparations
  • To define orders of plenary session agenda, considering the priority motions expressed from caucuses and Standing Committees
  • To communicate with the President and the Cabinet on behalf of the State Great Hural
  • To arrange the State Great Hural’s oversighting tasks on the Cabinet
  • To coordinate activities of the State Great Hural’s subordinate organizations and arranges its scrutiny on those organizations
  • To represent the State Great Hural both in foreign and domestic arena
  • To enjoys all other rights defined by laws
  • To authorize orders on issues permissible within the privileges enjoyed by the Chairman of the State Great Hural.

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