Organizational form

The main organizational form of the State Great Hural’s function is the Session.

According to the Article 27 of the Constitution, regular sessions of the State Great Hural convene in every six months for not less than 50 working days.

Session consists of plenary sessions, exclusive or joint Standing Committee sittings and caucus meetings.

Inauguration session: Convenes, by the President’s convocation, within 30 days after the election.

Regular session: Autumn session commences on the 1st of October, and the spring session commences on the 5th of April each year.

Extra ordinary session: Convenes at the demand of greater than one third of the members of the State Great Hural, or on the initiative of either the President or the Chairman of the State Great Hural.

Emergency session:
Convenes within 72 hours of the President’s proclamation of state of emergency or war.

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