Members of Mongolia-Czech parliamentary group held a virtual meeting with their counterparts

Mr. Enkhbayar Battumur, a member of MongolianParliament and the Head of the Mongolia-Czech parliamentary friendship group hasled a virtual meeting today (2021.02.23) with Daniel Pawlas, a member of the Chamber of Deputies and the Head of theCzech-Mongolia parliamentary friendship groupat the Czech Parliament.

At the beginning ofthe meeting and as a newly appointed Head of the Mongolia-Czech parliamentarygroup since the 2020 parliamentary election of Mongolia, Mr. Enkhbayar Battumur,emphasized the significance of holding the meeting to discuss smooth running ofthe cooperation between the two parliaments during the Covid-19 pandemic and tomeet Czech-Mongolia parliamentary group members.

Duringthe meeting, the parties exchanged opinions and expressed the significance ofactive collaboration on matters including cooperation on trade, economy, socialprotection, education, science and cultural sector, consular schemes and the jointprogram of relocating Przewalski horses. For the active collaboration on thesematters, Mr. Enkhbayar Battumur emphasized the importance of close cooperationbetween the both parts and expressed his readiness to support.

Mongolia-Czechparliamentary group was first established in 2000. The current group was re-establishedafter the 2020 parliamentary election with 10 members and Mr.Enkhbayar Battumurwas elected as the Head. Czech-Mongolia friendship group has 9 members and theparliamentarian Daniel Pawlas has been serving as the Head since November 2018.

The participants ofthe meeting included Mr. Ganbaatar Sainkhuu, member of Mongolian Parliament andthe Deputy Head of the Mongolia-Czech parliamentary group, Mr.Bat-AmgalanEnkhtaivan, member of Mongolian Parliament and member of Mongolia-Czech parliamentarygroup, members of the Czech-Mongolia parliamentary group at the Chamber of Deputiesof the Czech Parliament along with H.E.Mr.Jiri Brodsky, Czech Ambassador toMongolia and others. 


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