Women parliamentarians submit bills to amend the Law on Child Protection and the Law on Gender Equality

Today on International Women's Day, women parliamentariansof the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia, S.Odontuya, D.Sarangerel, M.Oyunchimeg,A.Adiyasuren, P.Anujin, B.Bayarsaikhan, Kh.Bulgantuya, B.Jargalmaa, G.Munkhtsetseg,Ts.Munkhtsetseg, D.Unurbolor, B.Saranchimeg and Ch.Undram, have submitted draftlegislations to amend the Law on Child Protection and the Law on GenderEquality to G.Zandanshatar, Chairman of the State Great Hural.

According to the bill on the Law on Child Protection, theMinistry of Labor and Social Welfare and its agencies are responsible forproviding child protection services at the local level or in soums and khoroos,employing full-time social workers, and providing state policy, regulation,management, and methodology. New regulations have been introduced, such asinclusion in the mandate, budget allocation and spending of child protectionservices, methodology for calculating reference costs, and amendments to currentregulations.

The legislators deem that by amending the law willstrengthen the child protection system, define the structure and functions ofgovernment organizations at all levels, diversify child protection services,improve their quality and accessibility, and reach every child in need at aprofessional level.

The main purpose of the draft law on amendments to the Lawon Gender Equality is to prevent not only sexual but also emotional and physicalharassment in the workplace, to create an environment of zero tolerance forviolence, to include procedures for resolving employee grievances in internallabor norms. Moreover to develop and implement trainings and programs to buildrelationships in the community that are free from psychological and any form ofsexual harassment.

According to a survey, one in five women in Mongolia issexually harassed at workplace. There is also gender discrimination in laborrelations. Victims continue to be fired, demoted, subjected to unjustifieddisciplinary action, and subjected to the worst possible conditions forrefusing to accept violence.

Press and Public Relations Department of the State Great Hural


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