A resolution of the State Great Hural "On establishing a deliberative council" was approved

The draft resolution of the State Great Hural "On Establishing A Deliberative Council" was discussed during the morning plenary session of the State Great Hural /06.01.2023/. MP. D.Togtokhsuren, member of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia presented the recommendations and conclusion by the Standing Committee on State Structure regarding the draft resolution.

In his presenation, MP D.Togtokhsuren introduced that the Standing Committee on State Structure made a decision in support of the draft resolution "On Establishing the Deliberative Council", after the discussion during its meeting on January 4, 2023. When it was discussed at the Plenary Session of the State Great Hural on 05 January 2023, some members of the parliament signified the need to ensure gender equality, in accordance with the policy on gender equality, and include female candidates in the Council. Therefore, based on the provision 93.3 of the Article 93 of the Law on the Rules of Procedure of the State Great Hural, the proposal was returned to the Standing Committee on State Structure for further discussion.

According to MP D.Togtokhsuren, the Standing Committee developed a draft resolution of the State Great Hural “On Establishing the Deliberative Council" based on the proposal by the Working Group, and discussed it during it meeting on January 5, 2023.

The members of the Working Group held a secret vote and nominated 11 candidates to the Deliberative Council, and developed a draft resolution accordingly. The candidates, who received the most votes out of 136 nominees, are economist O.Amartuvshin, nominated by the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry; economist O.Gankhuyag, nominated by the Union of Democratic Constitutional Legislators; economist B. Otgontugs, nominated as a private citizen; leather technology engineer and Consultant Engineer of Mongolia Kh.Ganbaatar, nominated by the Mongolian Employers' Association; academician and professor of philosophy and social sciences G.Chuluunbaatar, nominated by the Mongolian Academy of Sciences; political economist and lawyer L.Tur-Od, nominated by a non-governmental organization; teacher and columnist G.Galbadrach, nominated as a private citizen; radio electronics engineer D.Moondoi; lawyer Ts.Mandhaikhatan, nominated by NGO "Youth Control in Politics"; researcher O.Munkhsaikhan, nominated by the Institute of Constitutional Law of the Mongolian National; labor economist S. Erdenebat, nominated by the Mongolian Federation of Trade Unions. 

Most of the members, who were at present at the meeting of the Standing Committee, supported the decision to submit the draft resolution for its discussion at the Plenary, said MP D.Togtokhsuren. After MP Ts.Davaasuren’s remarks on the topic, the resolution was approved by a majority vote of 73.8 percent of members at the Plenary. Thus, the nationwide deliberative polling under the name of “Let’s deliberate and decide” was approved with the Deliberative Council experts consisted of the following delegates:

1/ Amartuvshin Otgondavaa

2/ Galbadrakh Gombosuren

3/ Ganbaatar Khuyag

4/ Gankhuyag Ulziykhutag

5/ Mandkhaikhatan Tsevegmid

6/ Moondoi Dorj

7/ Munkhsaikhan Odonkhuu

8/ Otgontugs Banzragch

9/ Tur-Od Lkhagvajav

10/ Chulunbaatar Gelegpil

11/ Erdenebat Sukhbaatar

The resolution was ordered the Deliberative Council to carry out the functions specified in the Law on Deliberative Polling; compile results of the polling, develop recommendations and present them at the Plenary.


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