The Questions of the Deliberative Polling were turned in to the National Statistics Office

On January 19, 2023, the Deliberative Council, tasked with holding the nation-wide “Deliberate and Resolve” Deliberative Polling met and paid meticulous attention when discussing the draft questions of the Deliberative Polling, in accordance with recommendations of the Standing Committee on State Structure of the State Great Hural of Mongolia.


As part of work surrounding the formulation of the questions of the Deliberative Polling, the Deliberative Council filtered through an estimated 600 suggestions and proposals from participants of the Scientific Conference on “Social and Economic Priority Issues and Solutions” and the Conference on “Political, Economic and Legal Solutions – Social Deliberation” and nearly 500 suggestions and proposals gathered online from citizens, and representatives of professional associations and civil society.

Also, during the meeting, a webinar was held to receive input and feedback from Professor James Fishkin, Director of the Public Relations Centre of Stanford University. Professor James Fishkin suggested that, “the questions of the first stage of the Deliberative Polling should not give any suggestions or information to the participants, they should be brief and clear, and that its main outcome of is how opinions and positions change after receiving balanced information about the strengths and weaknesses of the issue during the Deliberative Meeting.” He also gave clear answers to the questions raised by the members of the Deliberative Council in regards to selecting moderators who would provide balanced information to participants, in regards to planning the answers to each question in the same form and in a way that can be easily answered, detailing the general and specific framework of the topic being discussed, and optimally formulating the questions. 

At the meeting of the Deliberative Council, the recommendations and suggestions of the Standing Committee on State Structure of the State Great Hural and Professor James Fishkin were included in the draft polling questions and presented to the Chair of the Standing Committee on State Structure.


Thus, in accordance with the Law on Deliberative Polling, after considering and finalizing the opinions of the Standing Committee and other relevant parties, the Deliberative Council handed over the questions of the Deliberative Poll to the National Statistics Office, within the time specified in the General Plan, which was approved in accordance with the State Great Hural Resolution No.80, dated 2022.



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