Chairman G.Zandanshatar acquaints with Trade Fair welcoming the Lunar New Year

On January 31, 2023, Mr. G.Zandanshatar, Chairman of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia paid a visit to the ‘Amar baina uu-2023’ Lunar New Year Trade Fair, jointly organized by the Office of the Governor of the Capital and the Small and Medium Enterprises and Services Support Center of the Capital and met with entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises.


Under the motto of "To build loyal domestic consumers who will not purchase [Lunar New Year] gifts from abroad" the ‘Amar baina uu-2023’ is an extended trade fair dedicated to the Lunar New Year Holidays. Comprising of local manufacturers from 21 aimags, 9 districts and more than 1000 SMEs, it will be showcasing around 40,000 types of products at the Shine 100 Ail Shopping Center. 

During the visit, the Chairman made an appeal to public to say, "We should appreciate the arduous hard work of SMEs, companies and the public by patriotically gifting one another locally produced Mongolian goods produced in the aimags.”


He further noted, “purchases worth 1.3 trillion MNT are made annually during the Lunar New Year Holidays. More than 70 percent of total cash flows, in other words 1.0 trillion MNT flows abroad. With the intent of maintaining cash flows at home and increasing the value of our national currency, I call out to the public that we buy and use local and support our domestic producers.”

The trade fair will be held from January 20 to February 20, 2023. Within the framework of the public and the private sector partnership, the New 100 Ail Shopping Center is showing support to participating local enterprises and entrepreneurs by letting the stall spaces for free.





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