The Chairman of the State Great Hural Mr.G.Zandanshatar visited the National Audit Office

During the recess of the State Great Hural, Mr. G.Zandanshatar, Chairman of the State Great Hural visited the organizations under the direct supervision of the State Great Hural and gave some directions. Today, on January 27, 2022, he visited the National Audit Office.

The Chairman G. Zandanshatar emphasized the importance of the role the National Audit Office plays in monitoring of the implementation of the laws and regulations, especially the laws related to budget and finances. Тhe 2019 amendments to the Constitution of Mongolia brought parliamentary oversight to a new stage, and the National Audit Office has to play a critical role in the implementation of the Law on Parliamentary Oversight. However, the Chairman G.Zandanshatar stated, the performance of the National Audit Office is not sufficient.

Despite many violations persist in the state-owned companies, the auditing organization has not fulfilled its obligations well. Therefore, a parliamentary hearing will be held to discuss the report of the National Audit Office during the forthcoming Spring Session, he said.

He, also emphasized the need to provide a comprehensive support to the implementation of the oversight function of the State Great Hural through establishment of an oversight database, cooperation with the oversight working group and the ad hoc oversight committees. In addition, the Chairman G.Zandanshatar issued a deadline for the National Audit Office to present a detailed plan of its work and internal improvements.



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