The members of the State Great Hural were assigned to work in their constituencies

The discussion and decision on any amendments to the Constitution of Mongolia is not the same with discussions of other laws and regulations. This is specifically determined by the law on the procedure of amendments to the Constitution of Mongolia.

According to the above law, when approving amendments to the Constitution, three hearings are mandatory, and final approval of the draft is prohibited to be adopted in the first and second hearings. The period between discussions will be at least 7 working days, depending on the nature and scope of the issues under discussion, and during this period, the members of the State Great Hural shall report the results of the activities to their constituencies directly or through their representatives, and must evaluate opinions of the citizens and take actions if deemed necessary.

According to the above regulation of the law, G.Zandanshatar, the Chairman of the State Great Hural, has issued an order yesterday (05.05.2023) and assigned the parliamentarians to work in their constituencies. The members of the State Great Hural will work in their constituencies to introduce to the citizens and voters about the proposed amendments to the Constitution submitted by the Government and inform the processes of whether or not to consider amendments for discussion and encourage their engagements and participations in the process.

In addition, they were assigned to analyze views and positions of the citizens, compile consolidate their opinions, and produce report to be submitted to the Standing Committee on State Structures by the 17th of this month and furthermore, to deliver to the Working group responsible for preparing the draft amendments to the Constitution for the second and third discussions by the 18th of this month.


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