"Ulaanbaatar Railway" has decided to gradually increase the wages of CPP employees

The Chairman of the State Great Hural of Mongolia G.Zandanshatar is paying an official visit to the Russian Federation at the invitation of V.V.Volodin, the Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Mr.S.Byambatsogt, a member of State Great Hural, the Minister of Road and Transport Development has met with O.V.Belozyorov, General Director and Chairman of the General Committee of "Russian Railways" Open Joint-Stock Company of the Russian Federation, and discussed expanding railway cooperation between the two countries, improving the operation of the "Ulaanbaatar Railway" CPP and have reached some conclusions.

During the meeting, minister S.Byambatsogt said, "Compared to last year, cargo transportation has increased by 26 percent and transit transportation by 50 percent." If the number of locomotives is increased, the transportation can increase in the future. It is believed that 36 million tons of cargo can be transported in 2023. In addition, the goal is to solve the social problems of "Ulaanbaatar Railway" workers and increase their wages. In recent years, people's incomes have decreased and the prices of goods have increased. Parliament has decided to increase salaries and pensions in line with inflation. Many competing companies were established in the railway industry. The salary of those companies is higher than that of Ulaanbaatar Railway, so there is a lot of loss of personnel.

Moreover, the parties exchanged views on increasing the capacity of the Sainshand-Zuunbayan and Ereentsav-Choibalsan railways, the feasibility studies of the "Bogdhan Railway" project, and how to the increase railway transit capacity.

"Ulaanbaatar Railway" has about 16,000 employees and in order to maintain highly skilled and qualified personnel, solving workers’ social problems and improving disciplinary responsibilities, an agreement reached during the meeting to gradually increase remunerations in line with the joint agreement with the Trade Union and the organization's income and profit.

Also, in line with the goals of Mongolia's long-term development policy "Vision-2050" which was approved by the State Great Hural, a discussion on developing a strategy for the prospect of the Ulaanbaatar Railway until 2050 as well as the possibility to not reduce today's level of trains being exchanged across the border between Russia-Mongolia, China-Mongolia and further increase the numbers in the future.

In addition, it was decided to urgently complete the feasibility study of the "Bogdhan Railway" project and intensify the implementations, to start the renovation of the Ereentsav-Choibalsan section of the railway in connection with the beginning of the construction of the "Eastern Vertical Line" railway and carry out major repairs on the Zuunbayan-Sainshand railway to increase the amount of export, import and transit transportation.

The parties also have agreed to present a solution to the shareholders of the "Ulaanbaatar Railway" upon examining the issue of reducing the discount on transit fares and to double the amount of cargo carried and transported by the "Ulaanbaatar Railway" within the framework of the project to establish economic corridor between Russia-Mongolia-China.

At the end of the meeting, the parties expressed their willingness to cooperate effectively in increasing the efficiency and capacity of the Open Joint-Stock Company Ulaanbaatar Railway, a symbol of friendship between the two countries.


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