New version of law on prosecutorial body submitted

The Minister of Justice D.Dorligjav Monday submitted to parliament a draft amendment to the law on prosecutor body.

The very first law of the same kind was adopted in April of 1993 in accordance with a concept of the Constitution and tendencies of the social development. In was amended 2002 in connection with  reforms in the legal system and changes in social relations. Since then, it has been altered eight times. This time's alteration is explained by a submitting of to parliament draft amendments to other key laws regarding a program on accelerating the reforms of court authority, reforms in court judiciary bodies, changes of social relations and criminal procedures, the Minister says. 

The new draft amendment aims to make basic principles of prosecutor  organizations’ actions and legal terms more precise, to co-ordinate them with draft criminal laws and resolutions, which have been submitted to parliament within the legal reforms, and to create proper conditions for prosecutors to work. It also reflects responsibilities to be imposed upon those prosecutors who do not fulfill their duties, the Minister says.  


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